What Is SunnahCamp?

SunnahCamp is a team of experienced Muslim mentors to lead children, from toddlers to teens, on the path of becoming great Muslims in today's challenging tech era.

Children don't like to be "directed" to follow the Quran and Sunnah. We understand. And parents want their children never to miss Salah and to follow Deen without being annoyed. We understand.

This deep insight on all levels enabled us to create interactive content that is easily understandable and connects children with Allah SWT effortlessly. Our classes shape the overall character of a Muslim Hero, without students feeling bored and overwhelmed.

Our goal is to work on Muslim children and make them energetic and compassionate leaders who confidently and willingly follow Deen and transform the world for good.

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Do You Want To Build A Lasting Legacy?
Instill Love For Allah And Sunnah In Your Children

SunnahCamp and Alhuda Institute Canada bring fun-filled and interactive techniques to help your child deeply connect with the Quran, Sunnah, and Prophet (SAW).


Engaging Quran & Seerah Lessons

Fostering the leaders of tomorrow by instilling a strong sense of Muslim identity and pride

Fun- Uplifting Craft

Making Islam fun for kids by adding spirituality into learning, providing a joyful connection with Deen.

Salah Trackers & Scoreboards

Empower kids to effortlessly track their Seerah, Salah, and Quran habits with our trackers.

What are Parents Saying?

Our Mission

SunnahCamp's mission is to nurture Muslim leaders by instilling a true Islamic identity in children. We achieve this through dedicated teaching of the Quran, Seerah, and the invaluable lessons from the companions of the Prophet. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a deep love for Allah, the Prophet, and Salah in every child's heart.


Who We Are

Educators, parents, and believers who envision our children as the Muqarraboon, called by Allah in the Quran. We strive to raise a generation resembling the companions – strong in faith, boundlessly loving Allah, confident, successful, and undeniably cool.


Our Approach

After 25 years of experimentation, we've discovered the formula for success. Your child's journey to success begins with learning the true story of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In teaching Seerah, we delve into the Quran's Tafseer, revealed during the easy and challenging times of the Prophet's life. We explore the individuals, both good and bad, surrounding him. Upon completing the Seerah, we take our students on a transformative journey to Makkah and Madina, helping them grasp the tangible realities and relevance in their lives. It's all aimed at building their confidence.

Our Best Speakers

Mustafa Khattab

The genius behind "The Clear Quran" series, making the wisdom of the Quran come alive.

Dr. Aaida A. Mamuji

A disaster and emergency management guru, a proud Sunnahcamper alum, and a bearer of real-world insights.

Muhammad Ali / Youth Club

Not just an educator but a motivational powerhouse for our youth.

Nauman Masroor

An industrial engineering whiz & the Habit-building Coach at SunnahCamp, shaping positive habits in our families.

Taimiyyah Zubair

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair is an established teacher with a focus on Quran.

Sohail Ahmad

At 30, Sohail Ahmed, a record-breaking entrepreneur and former youngest-elected Brock University President.

Zal Yey (Saleh Mugannahi)

The VisionNinja transforms clients' overwhelm to clarity so they have a clear vision for the future🔥.

Shaimaa Kraba

A multifaceted creative force, excelling as a Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Host, and Actor.

Naveen Khan

Naveen Khan, blending Islamic Calligraphy with Abstract Art for 9 years, shares techniques to create unique masterpieces.

Hassan Wadi

A multifaceted creative force, excelling as a Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Host, and Actor.


SunnahCamp Course

According To Their Age, Where They Will Get

  • Friendly and knowledgeable mentors
  • Like-minded peers
  • Holistic learning experience
  • Character-building exercises
  • Interactive live sessions
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Creative resources
  • Answers to their mind-boggling questions with a smile to encourage them think and research more!
  • Clear concepts and understanding of Islam so that they can deal with upcoming Fitnahs and remain steadfast as a Muslim
  • Creative sessions to boost their problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Friendly and knowledgeable mentors who will guide them on all aspects of life.

How SunnahCamp Was Born 25 Years ago…

Knowing the pain of Western Muslim parents, our CEO and an experienced mentor herself, Mrs Zakia Malik, came up with a solution.

It all started at home. Living in Canada and having children means you have to figure out ways to introduce Deen to your little ones and make an effort to minimize the impact of a multicultural and multi-religious environment.

I'm Zakia Malik, the founder of SunnahCamp. I also struggled initially just like other parents, especially living in the West. The Islamic content that I found was boring for my children as they were unable to sit and listen to someone for an hour without connecting with them in any way.

25 Years ago

This is when the idea of SunnahCamp was conceived. My religious background, knowledge, and understanding of children's psyche helped me create master classes that were loved by my children and their friends.

After my children grew up, I knew I could still help other parents. I devised a way to connect to Muslim children around the world and make them confident Muslim leaders in an online setup.

Now in 2024

25 years later, by the grace of Allah SWT and the trust of parents, we are stronger than ever and have been able to connect with children all around the world with a team of passionate mentors.

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