Meet our Team

We have highly-qualified instructors who know how to instill Islamic values in your child, effortlessly.

 Zakia Malik

The Mother of Sunnah Camp

Zakia Malik is the founder and mother of Sunnah Camp. She began her teaching career at the tender age of 14 and since then has been uber passionate about spreading the beautiful knowledge of Islam to kids in a fun and exciting way. After completing her education at al-Huda alongside Farhat Hashmi, Zakia went on to set up her first Sunnah Camp based in Canada and since then has taught over 1,000 students.
After 30 years in the work, Zakia has expanded the school and now teaches tajweed, Tafseer of the noble Qur'an as well as hadeeth. She especially loves teaching the seerah of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him), and stories of his companions (may Allah be pleased with them all). Her unique way of explaining their stories and extracting the beneficial lessons has made her famous amongst the youngsters in her city.
You'll notice that Zakia's teaching methods have also evolved with time as she continuously uses new and innovative methods to spread the love of the Qur'an and Sunnah. This sometimes involves gooey slime and vision boards, but hey, kids love her and that's what makes her the "coolest aunty on planet Earth!"

Aaida A. - Mamuji

Writing Club Instructor

Dr. Aaida A. Mamuji is an Assistant Professor in Disaster & Emergency Management at York University. Before joining York, Aaida was working in Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Development (now Global Affairs Canada) as a Policy Advisor on humanitarian assistance, and was the 2013-2014 Cadieux-Léger Fellow
Aaida completed her Ph.D. in Public Administration at the University of Ottawa, with a major in Public Policy. Aaida has been a student of Sister Zakia since she was in high school and credits much of her Islamic learning and identity to Sister Zakia's classes.

Sohail Ahmed

Vlogging Club Instructor

Sohail Ahmed is 30 years old and his energy is contagious to everyone he encounters. He holds two Guinness world records and was the youngest elected Brock University President and VP while he was starting his own car dealership at the age of 19. 
After a decade of entrepreneurship, he is taking his learnings and putting them to use by teaching difficult and promising students. His entrepreneurial history and passion to inspire others have made him a regular keynote speaker to young entrepreneurs and students both at home and abroad.
He was named 40 under 40 for his unique vision of the automotive industry and serves on the board of directors for the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council.

Sohail has been a student of Sunnah Camp for 15+ years and has a passion for Islamic and Religious studies.

Ahsaan Zafar

Craft Club Instructor

Ahsaan is a professional electrical and computer engineer. But, I wonder how many of his colleagues know that he also has a beautiful voice too! Yep, our brother Ahsaan is the nasheed coach here at Sunnah Clubs and has over 10 years of experience teaching children how to sing nasheeds.
He, too, is a former student of Sunnah Camp. 

Hamna Bashir

Craft Club Instructor

Hamna is an 18-year-old student who has a real passion for arts and crafts, especially painting. When she's not studying, she spends her free time dreaming up her next craft project for all her students at Sunnah Camp - who happen to love her to bits!
And of course, she's also a former student of Sunnah Camp!

Mrs. Sabeen Ahmad

Club Instructor

Mrs. Sabeen Ahmad is a Teacher. Her educational background includes a Master’s degree in Economics from Pakistan and Education From NJCU. She acquired her Qur’anic and Hadith education from Al-Huda International Institute.
She began teaching the Qur’an at informal halaqahs in 2002. She taught Islamic studies in an Islamic school and nowadays works as a math teacher in public schools in NJ, USA.

Ayesha Syed

Quran Instructor

Ayesha Syed is a business professional and very passionate about learning Quran. She has completed her 2-year Quran study at Quran Revolution which is a distinguished global program.

She aspires to teach it forward so others can learn how to read and memorize the Quran with proper rules of tajweed, waqf, and tone. Her professional background includes a robust career in IT, college teaching, and real estate investments. She’s also a success coach for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Saima Qureshi

Tajweed Instructor

Saima QURESHI has been with Sunnah Camp since 20 years ago when she first learned her Tajweed.

Her passion is to learn and teach Tajweed ul Quran to other Muslim children and mothers. She went to Alhuda for her Islamic education and has been teaching Tajweed to young kids and teens for the last 15 years now.

Mrs. Mariam Parker 

Arts & Crafts Instructor

Mrs. Mariam Parker hails from Cape Town, South Africa, her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from South Africa. She currently lives in Niagara Falls Canada.

Mrs. Parker has been a member of The weekend Islamic school of Niagara for the past 17 years where she was responsible for various classes and continued to be a part of the Islamic school.

Uzma Imran

Tajweed & Tafseer Instructor

Uzma Imran endures an MBBS (MD) degree from Sindh Medical College Karachi, Pakistan. She obtained her basic religious education from Nur-ul-Quran online Institute.

She learned tajweed ul Quran from Sunnahcamp to improve & beautify her Quran recitation.

She also acquired knowledge of Arabic grammar.

She has been working with Sunnahcamp since 2006.