For Muslim Children living in Niagara Region!

Sunnahcamp Seerah & Salah Course

Sunnah Camp Inc. has offered an enriching Seerah & Salah Course for Muslim youth, aiming to foster Islamic education and nurture a strong connection with Allah.
Our united goal is to imbue the hearts of young Muslims with a profound understanding of the Quran and Sunnah. Through this course, we aim to empower Muslim children to embrace their identity and strengthen their character by knowing the Impactful stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

We have created a unique Salah course for kids and teens! We make learning Salah exciting by presenting its meanings in fun and engaging ways. Our goal is to instill a love for Salah in young hearts so they pray with Khush on time without reminders.

We aspire for our collaboration to have a transformative impact on Muslim children today, empowering them to become self-assured individuals and representatives of this Ummah. Together, we aim to equip them with the strength to confront the myriad challenges of our modern, tempting world.

This program is suitable for children between 3.5 years to Teens.

In just one year, our mentors will  InshAllah. 

  • Instill the love of Allah SWT in your child’s heart

  • Make Prophet Muhammad (saw) your child’s superhero

  • Make the Quran your child’s life goal

  • Give them an introduction to the world in the light of the Quran

  • Help them recognize their strength, skills, and responsibilities as a Muslim child

  • Provide your child with role models (Our Teen Coaches), a lifelong relationship and a robust role model for life.

Timings for Classes 10:00 am to 1:30 pm
Starting Date: Sep 16th, 2023

Saturday: Session Breakdown

  • Students will learn who Allah is; His role in our lives, Allah our best friend, and Allah, the best planner.

  • Being born into a Muslim family is a blessing; why are Muslims different in many ways? Responsibilities of a Muslim child.

  • Importance of learning the Quran.

  • Importance of Salah, Respect, and love of parents, success in school.

  • Heroes of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (saw) the real superman, love of sunnah, daily routine according to the sunnah, You are the hero of Islam.

  • Word-to-word memorization and easy translation of Salah.

  • Salah is a fun meeting with Allah, not a burden.

  • Love of salah in child’s heart so that they will inshallah try never to miss the salah.

  • Our Teens are encouraged to pray extra Nawafal and Tahjud to make their Dream Duas.

  • Character Building (interactive live session) to teach Akhlaq.

  • Powerful Social Skills and how to implement them in their daily life.

  • Tajweed of the Quran, taught by Tajweed Experts

Weekly Activities Breakdown

The craft of the week:

Children are provided with a step-by-step guide to making art or craft related to the topic of Akhlaq. ( for Ages 3.5 to 11 only)
Our older students help the mentors come up with craft ideas (using skills to serve the Ummah)

Weekly challenge:

The arts & crafts weekly challenge 


Weekly challenge winners receive prizes


Monthly assessments:

What else is in the bucket?

Twice a week, Tajweed Free Sessions are only available to the students of this course.

Parent support WhatsApp group:

Private Parent teacher WhatsApp group


  • Complimentary twice-a-week evening Tajweed Sessions with sister Zakia & sister Uzma
    Salah Made Easy by Sunnahcamp

  •  Surah Al-Rahman Tafseer: (To understand the blessings of Allah and to build a habit of being grateful for every small and big Nimah + sibling bond by being thankful to Allah)

  • Monthly Growth Scorecards To measure the metrics and milestones that matter

  • Journals, Trackers for Salaah and Azkaar habits, Dua flashcards

  • Speaking skills training Be a teacher from the first month of joining.

  • Dua workshop

  • Umrah Trip Retreat {special discounts and sponsorships for Students only & their families only} Worth its weight in Gold. 2000+Gold


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