Cultivating Love and Appreciation in Marriage: The Gratitude Journal Practice

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to overlook the small yet significant gestures that make our marriages special. Amidst responsibilities and routines, fostering a sense of gratitude can breathe new life into our relationships. One beautiful practice that couples can adopt is keeping a gratitude journal for each other.

The Power of Gratitude:

Gratitude has the remarkable ability to transform the way we perceive and experience our relationships. When we consciously acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of our spouse, it not only strengthens the bond between partners but also contributes to a more positive and harmonious marital environment.

Quranic Wisdom:

The Quran emphasises the importance of gratitude in various verses. One such verse is found in Surah Ibrahim (14:7):

This verse beautifully captures the reciprocal nature of gratitude—by appreciating the blessings bestowed upon us, we open the doors for even more blessings. Applying this principle...

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A Father's Legacy: Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

As the eldest of seven siblings, I want to share a remarkable story of how my father's influence transcended the boundaries of mere parenthood. Every evening, after our family dinner, my father had a unique way of shaping my future by sparking discussions about religion, history, politics, and the importance of good manners. These precious moments instilled in me a deeper understanding of the world and set the stage for the person I would become. It's a story that every parent, especially dads, should hear.

Lesson 1: Teaching Without Lectures

Growing up, I realised that my dad had a unique teaching style. He conveyed intricate political insights without resorting to tedious lectures. We spent quality time together, whether it was playing cricket in the streets, going for long walks, or his ever-watchful eye when I was cooking. His gentle reminders to be cautious with my scarf to avoid any mishaps were a testament to his unwavering care. He'd often say, "Leave the dishes; go do your...

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Tips for Teaching Quranic Translations

Teaching Quranic translations to your children is a rewarding journey that strengthens their connection to the Quran. Here are three valuable tips to help you get started:

  • Regular Conversations:

    Integrate Quranic discussions into your daily conversations. Share the meanings of verses during family meals or casual moments. This gradual approach helps your children relate Quranic teachings to real-life situations.
  • Engage in Interactive Learning:

    Sign up your child for SunnahCamp's two-month "Word-to-Word Translation and Tafseer'' course. This specialised program provides an in-depth understanding of the Quranic text. It's a fantastic opportunity for your child to explore the layers of meaning behind each verse.
  • Create a Learning Routine:

    Dedicate a specific time each day for Quranic translation. Make it a consistent part of their routine, just like schoolwork or sports. This habit fosters a love for learning and ensures steady progress in their understanding.

By implementing...

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You are not a tree!

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019
Any day we wish, we can teach our children to discipline their lives according to the Quran. Any day we wish to make important changes in their lives according to Sunnah. Any day we wish, we can open the door that will open their minds to the knowledge of Deen. Any day we wish, we can start a new fun activity which teaches them to Love Allah Subhana o Tala more. Any day we wish, we can help them start the process of life change. Any day we wish, we can make our children realize the importance of inheriting the legacy of Sahabah RA.
We can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year.
We can also do nothing. We can pretend rather than perform. And if the idea of having to change the routines of our children makes us uncomfortable we can remain as we are. We can choose rest over labor, entertainment over education, delusion over truth and doubt over confidence. The choices are ours to make. But while we curse the effect, we continue to nourish the cause....
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