A Father's Legacy: Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

As the eldest of seven siblings, I want to share a remarkable story of how my father's influence transcended the boundaries of mere parenthood. Every evening, after our family dinner, my father had a unique way of shaping my future by sparking discussions about religion, history, politics, and the importance of good manners. These precious moments instilled in me a deeper understanding of the world and set the stage for the person I would become. It's a story that every parent, especially dads, should hear.

Lesson 1: Teaching Without Lectures

Growing up, I realised that my dad had a unique teaching style. He conveyed intricate political insights without resorting to tedious lectures. We spent quality time together, whether it was playing cricket in the streets, going for long walks, or his ever-watchful eye when I was cooking. His gentle reminders to be cautious with my scarf to avoid any mishaps were a testament to his unwavering care. He'd often say, "Leave the dishes; go do your...

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